Freelance web developer

Who is hireSwish?

hireSwish is a freelance web development company owned and managed by Matthew Ephraums (“Swish”). I am currently employed as a full-time front-end web developer for a large global company. I love coding, even on my days off and I am looking to earn some extra cash by filling in my spare time with freelance web development work.

Why should i hire a freelance web developer?

I work on weeknights and weekends, as this is not my primary source of income, I can offer you the same great quality work as a professional agency at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of paying huge fees to an agency to build your website, hire a freelancer who can work with almost no overheads on your next web development project and can pass on the savings to you!

Freelance web developer

What do i need to know?

  • I am based in Melbourne, Australia but work for anyone in the world.
  • I specialise in PHP for all back-end coding work.
  • I am an expert in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Responsive Design, making sure your websites look great on mobile, tablet & desktop.
  • As I work after hours and weekends, I prefer to mainly communicate through email however I am more than happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting to better understand your requirements. 
  • I can quote you a fixed price or an hourly rate, depending on the needs of your project. 
  • Please come to me with your startup ideas, I respect your privacy and will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement before working with you on your ideas.